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What am I thankful for? – Hope Manley

“Beginning each day with a grateful heart is how I like to start every morning. And it is this time of year that we get to share what we are thankful for.  I am most thankful for two things – every sunrise and every smile.  When the sun rises I am reminded of the gift of life from God, which I cherish and hold dear, and I am deeply thankful.  Every smile I encounter, my heart is warmed by the joys that life brings, and I am grateful for the smiles from those in my family and work place.  Working as a teacher at New Song Christian Academy, I am truly thankful for the chance to wake up each day and come in to my classroom to see all the smiling faces of all our students. I am thankful to be their teacher at an amazing and loving school.”

Thank you! Hope Manley


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