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The River Jordan

As we approached the Jordan River site, one’s first impression is the commercial nature of the tour stop. The extensive gift shop, etc. Those of us affirming our baptism and Florida, herself to be baptized here, we first rented a robe and towel and headed to the changing room, which was quite crowded especially the women’s room. Since my last trip in 2000, the number of pilgrims has increased geometrically. As our group finally was ready we made our way down the concrete ramp into the river. It’s set in a rather serene area, lined with much greenery. There were many other churches gathered, including a group of about 100, singing joyfully as some were baptized.

Dressed in our white robes we renounced the devil, “Renuncio” we shouted! Then we declared our faith in the Triune God. And we descended into the water.

Florida was baptized in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. She was made a new creation…new life. And then the rest of us celebrated the promise given to us in our own baptism…pure joy!

Smiles were irrepressible as we climbed the ramp, reminded of the God who has claimed us as His own… forever.

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