September Sermon Series: Falling Down.. and Getting Up

September Sermon Series: Falling Down.. and Getting Up
by Pastor Paul Block

Most of us have had the unfortunate experience of falling down, with consequences ranging from insignificant to life-changing. Many stories in the Bible involve people and things falling down. Jesus said to his disciples, “unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains just a single grain; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” We will explore our relationship with a transformational God through the lens of four “falling” stories.

August 31/September – Humans Fall
The story of Adam and Eve has captured the imagination of artists, novelists, movie directors and all those who have heard the story. We will revisit this famous story as the first “fall” in Scripture.

September 7/8 – Peter’s Fall
The disciples were fishing without success when Jesus came and filled their net with abundance. Rather than celebrating with thanksgiving, Peter falls at his feet in shame, telling Jesus, “Go away.” How often do we let fear and shame guide our lives instead of gratitude?

September 14/15 – Seeds Fall
Jesus tells the story of seeds that fall to the ground, some on good soil, others on not-so-good soil. As these seeds fall, they begin to grow. Living in the desert, we discover the resilience of plant life in seemingly difficult terrain. Each of us has been given all we need to grow as disciples in this world.

September 21/22 – Paul’s Fall
As the season of Fall begins, we remember one of the most important falls in the Bible that occurred on the road to Damascus. Paul was persecuting the Church when Jesus met him and changed his life. As he got up, he shared the Gospel of Jesus far and wide. We, too, get up from our falls and failings, ready to go out into the world with God’s love.

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