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Sea of Galilee

We have just entered Jordan after a wonderful trip to the Sea of Galilee. Jesus and the disciples were Galileans, and the region is lush, hilly and the lake is beautiful. After Caesarea we traveled to Nazareth, the town where Jesus grew up and preached during his ministry on Earth. There were two churches, one dedicated to Mary and the other to Joseph. Mary’s Church had artwork from dozens of countries around the world. On Saturday, October 26 we visited the site remembering the Sermon on the Mount, called Mount Beatitude. The simple chapel was octagonal, which each wall representing a Beatitude. We were treated to a boat ride on the Sea of Galilee, and we raised the US flag on the boat and danced to a popular Jewish song! Later in the day we visited Cana where Jesus performed his first miracle at a wedding and we happened upon an actual wedding in an outdoor chapel there. I spontaneously became the photographer for the wedding party!Toward the end of the day we celebrated the gift of baptism, and Florida Armstrong was baptized in the Jordan River. Some of the others affirmed their baptism. We witnessed a church group of over 100 praising God in song while some were baptized.In the morning of Reformation Sunday we gathered along the boardwalk of our hotel where we celebrated Holy Communion service on a concrete sailboat overlooking the Sea. We gave thanks for our time in Galilee and now are on a bus to Mount Nebo.For more pictures visit pauleblock at Instagram.

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