New Song Council Meeting Minutes – May 26, 2020

New Song Council Meeting

May 26, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 4:05pm by Holli Spangler.  Due to our stay-at-home order the meeting was held via ZOOM.  Present were Pastor Paul, Art Clayton, Larry Edsall, Doug Gab, Neal Husak, Holli Spangler, Lauren Thomas, and Melissa Williams.  Absent were Stephanie Wasano and Kathleen Goulding.

Art Clayton opened with a devotional reading and a prayer.  Larry Edsall will lead the June devotional.

Pastor Paul and the council would like to recognize members of the congregation that have gone above and beyond in supporting New Song Church.  First, the members of the Stay Connected Team for their hard work in preparing the guidelines for re-opening:  Chair, Sue Steaffans; Council liaison, Doug Gab; Mary Ann Cohen, Anne Danielson, Patty Duffey, Gershon Gordon, Karen Kennedy, John Robinson, and Sheila Siino.   Next, Doug Gab and Matthew and the work they did with the audio/video team to secure HD cameras and other equipment to enhance virtual and in-person worship.  Finally, all the members of New Song who have continued to support our church with tithes, prayers, and patience as we continue to carry on our mission during this uncertain time.

Pastor Paul’s Report:

The Tuesday sunset service continues to develop.  Different members will be hosting the event each week.  Patty Duffey was the host on 5/26 and Brad Enerson on 6/2.

The living room has been converted into a chapel.  Members are encouraged to visit the chapel for refection and prayer.

Pastor Paul will begin a new sermon series, Spiritual PPE.

Financial Report:

Shani distributed the end-of month financial report for April 2020.  Our average attendance was down when compared to last year due to the suspension on in-person worship.  Our monthly revenue from offerings was down 39% from last year, while our year-to-date revenue is down 13% from last year and down 7% from our 2020 budget.

Our cash offerings are down significantly, the council hopes that this will increase as we begin in-person worship.

The council discussed the action to re-look at our 2020 budget and determine if any adjustments are needed based on the significant decrease in our revenue.  Neal will lead this effort.  The goal is to project future revenue and then look at our spending.

The council received an update on the $87,000 loan we secured from the federal PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) program.  We have spent 75% on payroll and 25% on utilities.  Once more guidance is received, Shani will submit the paperwork that shows how the funds were spent.  We are anticipating that we have fulfilled the requirements for our spending so the grant will not have to be repaid.

Old Business:

  1. The Personnel committee, led by Pastor Paul and Doug Gab, with Dave Price, an academy parent and an academy teacher, conducted interviews with three strong candidates in the month of May after all of the applicants resumes were vetted. The team have selected their candidate and are waiting on the recommendation from her past employer.  Once this is received an offer will be submitted.
  2. The council deferred discussion on the Security Plan until we understand the requirements for reopening the church.
  3. Re-opening of the church was discussed. The council approved re-opening New Song to in-person worship on June 6 and 7.  Pastor Paul will move the Pentecost celebration to that weekend versus this weekend.  The Saturday service will remain at 5pm.  The council approved keeping the current worship times for Sunday, 8am, 9:15am and 10:30am.  The on-line service will move to the 9:15 service.  The length of the service will be reduced to 45 minutes to allow the congregation to be able to vacate the premises and allow the hospitality team to clean the sanctuary and community room between services.  There will be a dedicated entrance and exit for each service.  Communion will be with wafer/bread only, distributed by the pastor; no wine will be served until it can be done safely. The council approved this communion option. There are only 50 seats in the sanctuary and an addition 20 in the community room.  Bulletins will be placed on the seat prior to the service.  The congregation will be encouraged to wear masks.  The offering will be placed in a box in the narthex.  There will be no singing of hymns.  Socializing is discouraged at this time.  The hospitality team will receive communication on a new position, Ambassador, and the new responsibility of the team.  A communication will be sent to the congregation with the guidelines.  The Stay Connected team and council will conduct weekly analysis of the procedures and modify them as needed.

New Business:

  1. Vegas Voice has reached out to New Song to form a partnership. They would like to use our conference room every Wednesday from 9:30am to 3:30pm.  Our compensation would be a full page monthly add in the magazine.  The council had questions about the time-frame, number of people and usage, and a concern about liability coverage.  Art volunteered to work with the Vegas Voice team as he knows many of them through his work with the SCA TV.  Pastor Paul will have Shani look into the insurance concern.
  2. The council confirmed that the Synod Assembly has been cancelled, so no delegates needed to be identified.
  3. Holli reviewed the “Stewardship in Uncertain Times” information that she received from the synod during one of her meetings with all the council presidents. While we have already incorporated some of recommendations, there were others that the council felt would be beneficial to explore.



Liaison Reports:

  1. Music/AV:

The team has purchased three HD cameras that will allow us to improve our social media and in-house presentations during worship.  Additional equipment such as cables and a switcher were also purchased.  A big thank you to the generous donors that purchased this equipment for the church.

  1. Facilities:

The team is trying to purchase supplies that would are needed when the church reopens.  We will have a limited supply of masks, gloves and cleaning supplies for the reopening. The purchase of masks, portable touchless sanitizing stations and sanitizer refills will not be available until mid to late June.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:47pm, followed by reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, June 23rd, at 6pm.

Respectfully submitted,   Melissa Williams – Recording Secretary

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