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New Song Council Meeting Minutes for October 22, 2019

New Song Council Meeting

October 22, 2019

The meeting was called to order at 5:59pm by President Sue Clark.

Present were Sue Clark, Pastor Paul, Doug Gab, Holli Spangler, Art Clayton, Lauren Thomas, Sue Pollman, Brenden Fjelsted, and Melissa Williams.  Kathleen Goulding, and Todd Enerson were absent.

Pastor Paul opened with a prayer.  Art Clayton gave the devotional.  Lauren Thomas will lead the devotion in November.

Steve Hethcote gave the council a report about the Military Ministry.  Upcoming events are the Dress for Success clothes drive and the Silent Auction fundraiser.  All money that is collected goes to support the US Vet Initiative, which works with homeless vets; Judge Stevens Vet Treatment Court; the VA Hospital in Boulder City, and other smaller organizations that support the needs of veterans.

Pastor Paul’s Report:

Memorial Service:  Kara Sloboda, October 13.  Upcoming Memorial Service:  John Korthius, November 2 (Rev. David Miller).

Baptism.  Patricia Dietrich, October 1.

New Members via transfer:  Roger and Debra Johnson, October 3.

The visual arts committee, led by Ira King, has developed a Mission Statement for this ministry.   They are now working on the policy to use for implementation.  Their plan is an Easter Sunday grand opening.

The first confirmation retreat was held on October 13.  Seven youth attended.

There is a potential leader for the DivorceCare ministry.  The start date will be in 2020.

Michelle Gab organized an informational meeting about Celebrate Recovery.  The regional coordinator came to provide guidance.  Look for more information on this program in the coming months, including a potential 8-week Bible study during Lent.

Sheila Siino is the new lead for the Stephen Ministry team.

There has been interest in a “Care for Creation” team.  Pastor Paul has reached out to Holly Swanson and Abby Williams to explore possibilities and arrange a meeting with those that are interested in this ministry.

New Song will host the Up and Running Again banquet on Saturday, November 3.  The participants will attend the Saturday service and share their experiences in recovery and running.  If anyone is interested in assisting with the banquet let Jackie know.



Financial Report:

Sue P. presented the end-of month financial report for September 2019.  Our average attendance was down when compared to last year.  Our monthly revenue from offerings was up 1% from last year, while our year-to-date revenue is up 7% from last year and 5% from our 2019 budget.  Our cash flow is positive by approximately $74K.

The financial team will work with staff to determine if there are any equipment or program needs that could be purchased before the end of the year.

Old Business:

  1. Holli reported that the personnel committee conducted four interviews for the Director of the New Song Church Academy position. They have one candidate they felt would be a perfect fit with the position.  Holli informed the council that this candidate is in agreement with the number of hours in the work week and the salary.  She would be able to start on November 12.  A motion was moved (Sue P.), seconded (Lauren) and approved by the council to move forward with the offer to the candidate.  Next steps will be completion of a background check and finalization of the employment contract.
  2. The next Coffee-with-Council will be November 2 and 3. Melissa W. will be available Saturday evening.  Sue Clark will be available on Sunday.
  3. Melissa reported that the Stewardship team is actively coordinating all the events that will lead up to Cabaret Night on November 10. RSVP cards for Cabaret Night will be available during the services the next two weekends.  They ask for your prayers for the process and for each member of the congregation as they discern what God is calling them to contribute.
  4. Sue Clark gave the council an update on Cabaret Night activities. The caterer has been secured.  Approximately 12-14 performers have stepped up, including many youth.  She also reported on the Leaders dinner, which will be held on November 4.
  5. The 2020 Budget activity continues.
  6. Shani reported the results of the Fall Festival. After expenses, the 5K generated approximately $2,680, which was equal to last year.  While registrations for the race were down, the amount raised by the raffle doubled.  The Fall Festival activities generated $858.  There is a meeting scheduled for October 25 to discuss the Fall Festival and if any changes or improvements can be made for 2020.
  7. A new copier lease with a new supplier was approved for the Academy. The old lease expires at the end of November.

New Business:

  1. Pastor Paul had a meeting with a representative of Pacific Lutheran Theology Seminary located in Berkley CA. We may be able to work with the students and provided ministry opportunities.
  2. Area churches have been informed of the Church Safety program that is conducted by the FBI. The council supports New Song’s involvement with the program and will solicit volunteers to be trained.  Once trained, they would train additional members of the congregation.
  3. Pastor Paul reported that Gershon has met with Boy Scout Troop 578. They are requesting the New Song Church become a chartering organization and partner for them.  This is the troop that assists the Military Ministry with the flag ceremonies.  They would use our spaces for meetings and ceremonies.  It was moved (Doug), seconded (Art) and approved to allow this partnership.  Gershon will be the liaison with the troop, but it was discussed that we probably have members of the congregation that would be willing to help with this activity.
  4. Pastor Paul informed the council that a member of the congregation has made a $10K donation that they would like to remain anonymous. They would like the donation to be used as a match initiative.  The council will discuss the project or expense that could benefit from this opportunity and make a decision by the end of the year.

Liaison Reports:

  1. Music/AV:

Doug reported that the Music Ministry team has improved communicating and planning with all the members of the team.  The council requested advertisement of the Christmas concert information so the congregation can add the event to their busy holiday calendars.

  1. Facilities:

Doug reported that the parking lot lighting is complete.  The area along the circle drive is now lit.  The signs that were purchased for the 5k were received and will be used for the yearly event.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:25pm, followed by reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, November 19th  at 6pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Melissa Williams – Recording Secretary

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