New Song Council Meeting Minutes for August 27, 2019


Present were Pastor Paul, Art Clayton, Doug Gab, Kathy Goulding, Sue Pollman, and Hollie Spangler.  Hollie Spangler was Acting President for this meeting and Kathy Goulding was Acting Secretary.  Guests were Steve Goebel of Toeshark and Gershon Gordon.

Kathy Goulding opened with a prayer and read the devotion.  Kathy also volunteered to do the September devotion reading.

Media Presentation:

Steve Goebel gave a slide presentation of the new website and how it works.  It will more easily allow exchange of information directly with the data base and allow users greater access to information shared on the website.  It was suggested that several training sessions be offered to those members of the community interested in specific use.

MOTION to approve going live with the website and to move the data over was made by Doug Gab, seconded by Kathy Goulding, and passed unanimously.

Pastor Paul’s Report:

Pastor Paul stated that he wants to form a committee to work on developing a welcome statement that will appear as part of the “Guest” button on the new website.

Pastor Paul and Gershon are exploring a new format for the Confirmation program that involves scheduling changes and a possible camp aspect.

Stephen Ministry is experiencing a transition in leadership.

A discussion took place about the idea of upgrading the Community Room into a more welcoming  gathering  place.  One idea was to develop an art gallery in that room with a proposed opening date of 10/19.  A discussion was held on progress to date and an estimate of $200 per 5’ section of picture hanging set was discussed.  Number of sets to be determined. Approval of this expenditure was delayed until the September Board Meeting.

Midyear staff evaluations have been completed.

Financial Report:

It was noted that July attendance was down.  Matt and Art will continue to count attendance as the Fall season begins to see if summer travel may have contributed to the lower attendance.

The mortgage rate has been reset for 2019-2020.  We will continue to keep the payments the same and reap the benefits from the savings.

Current offerings are above YTD 2018.  However, we were over budget due to several unexpected expenditures.

Youth Report:

Gershon discussed his activities since arriving at New Song Church and his evaluation and plans for the future.  He has started three new programs for the youth, a Confirmation program, as well as planned activities for Fall and coordinated activities with the Optics Ministry.

Old Business:

The next Coffee-with-Council will be held the weekend of September 7 and 8.  Several Members acknowledged their attendance.

New Business:

Melissa Williams will lead the Stewardship program.  There was discussion about the Stewardship dinner as to whether to hold it on-site or off-site.  It will be held on November 17 from 5-7 PM, for approximately 60 people.   After discussion, it was decided that it will be held off-site, location to be determined.  A budget of $4500 was approved with the stipulation to come back if it exceeds that amount.

Sue Pollman is working on new budgets.  The process currently has a September 30 deadline.  It was noted that general church funds, as allocated in the 2019 budget, if not used, will be withdrawn and reallocated as needed.

Liaison Reports:


  • There was a $1000 contribution received for a new music computer.
  • 2 more spot lights are needed to complete an even lighting system. Cost is $300 per spot light.
  • Hymnal for Music Director (Josh) – $300



  • Doug reported that there will be 4 portable stages to be used as needed.

MOTION to approve $3000 for the 4 portable add-on stages was made by Pastor Paul, seconded by Art Clayton.


  • Doug reported that the freezer is icing over. The cost to have it looked at is approximately $300.  Replacement would cost approximately $1200.  Sue Pollman recommended it be checked out.


The meeting was adjourned at 8 PM, followed by the Lord’s Prayer.

MOTION to adjourn was made by Pastor Paul, seconded by Art Clayton.


Council then entered into an Executive Session after the regular Board Meeting.

MOTION to adjourn after the Executive Session was made by Sue Pollman, seconded by Doug Gab.





Submitted by:  Kathy Goulding



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