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New Song Council Meeting Minutes — February 24, 2020

New Song Council Meeting — February 24, 2020

The meeting was called to order at 6:03pm by Pastor Paul.  Present were Pastor Paul, Art Clayton, Larry Edsall, Brenden Fjelsted, Doug Gab, Kathleen Goulding, Neal Husak, Holli Spangler, Lauren Thomas, Stephanie Wasano, and Melissa Williams.

Pastor Paul opened with a prayer and devotional.  Art Clayton will lead the devotional for the March meeting.  Council members then introduced themselves as this was the first meeting with the newly appointed members.

Pastor Paul reviewed the purpose of the council based on the Constitution for New Song Lutheran Church and the Bylaws.

New Business:

  1. The first order of business was to elect the 2020 council officers. Pastor Paul presided over the elections.  Melissa Williams was nominated for Secretary and was approved.  Neal Husak was nominated for Treasurer and was approved.  Pastor Paul requested that the council members nominate on a paper ballot their recommendation for President.  Holli Spangler had the majority of nominations and was approved.  Holli then took over leading the meeting.  The same process was used for nominating the Vice President.  Doug Gab had the majority of nominations and was approved.  Full election results were:

President:  Holli Spangler

Vice President:  Doug Gab

Treasurer:  Neal Husak

Secretary:  Melissa Williams

  1. The next business matter was to determine council liaisons and teams. The results were:

Personnel Committee:  Doug Gab, Kathleen Goulding, Stephanie Wasano

Preschool Advisory Team Liaison (SAT):  Larry Edsall

Facilities Management Team Liaison:  Art Clayton, Lauren Thomas, Doug Gab

Stewardship Team Liaison:  Melissa Williams, Larry Edsall, Art Clayton

Financial Management Team:  Neal Husak

Nominating Committee:  Kathleen Goulding

Children and Youth Ministry: Stephanie Wasano

Evangelism:  Neal Husak

Optics:  Art Clayton

Women’s Ministry:  Melissa Williams

Men’s Ministry:  Lauren Thomas

Music Ministry:  Doug Gab

Mission endowment Team:  Neal Husak

  1. The council received the goals from the congregational meeting. There was a discussion on the goals.  Future meetings will be used to discern those that the council will pursue in 2020.
  2. Pastor Paul informed the council that Patty Weakly, the Academy Director, has resigned. Jackie Ann will be the interim director.  Pastor Paul will work with the SAT team and Personnel Committee to hire a new director.  The job description will be reviewed and updated.  There is a volunteer team that will help man the academy doors and the reception area for the remainder of the school year.
  3. Gershon asked for approval to participate in the Coventry Annual Garage Sale. The plan is to sell tables for $30 to members of the congregation that would like to participate in cleaning closets and cupboards.  This was approved by the council.  Be on the lookout for additional information.

Pastor Paul’s Report:

Deaths:  The Rev. George Thune; memorial service 2/29/20 at 11am.

New members:  Jann and Steve Evans

Baptism:  None

Wedding:  None

Bishop Deborah Hutterer has asked to visit and preach at all services on the weekend of March 28/29.  Plans are in the works to invite church council and ministry leaders to a simple dinner on Saturday, March 28.  Bishop Hutterer will stay after church on Sunday for a brief coffee hour before leaving for Phoenix.

Adult confirmation class will begin on Monday, March 2, and continue through Lent.

Lenten activities include Labyrinth and Lunch on Wednesday, Daily Devotion and Easter Egg hunt, and the Sermon Series titled “A Feast in the Wilderness: Finding Good News in Deserted Places”.

Pastor Paul is working with Pr. Ellysa Banks from the Sin City Church to develop an interactive Good Friday Stations of the Cross service to be held outside at noon.

Pastor Paul is working with Jeremy to develop a process for members of the congregation to work with the Praise Team.  This will include vocal and instrumental talents.


Financial Report:

Holli presented the end-of month financial report for January 2020.  Our average attendance was down when compared to last year.  Our monthly revenue from offerings was up 1% from last year, while our year-to-date revenue is up 1% from last year and 11% from our 2020 budget.

Old Business:

  1. Work continues on the Security Plan for New Song. Sue Clark is working with the Henderson Police Department to conduct training for the Hospitality teams and key personnel on what to watch out for with respect to keeping our facility safe.
  2. Our Playground campaign has raised approximately $39K toward our goal of $50K. We will be collecting donations through Lent.

Liaison Reports:

  1. Music/AV:

Request for additional funding was discussed.  Currently the council has requested that the team work within their current budget and manage their expenses accordingly.

  1. Facilities:

A new cleaning service has been hired.  So far the team has been pleased with their performance.  We may need to reseal the floors later on this year.

The team is looking at freezer units prior to authorization to purchase a new one.

Two of the three projectors in the sanctuary are experiencing issues.  The AV team has been requested to present a proposal for the purchase of TVs and the cost of rewiring the devices.

The council confirmed that the meetings will be held the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm and that there was no meeting in July.

The meeting was adjourned at 8pm, followed by reciting the Lord’s Prayer.

Our next meeting will be Tuesday, March 24, at 6pm.

Respectfully submitted,   Melissa Williams – Recording Secretary


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