Hello, my name is Joshua Herrington, and I am the Director of Music at New Song Church. The Music Ministry brings new music and talent to New Song Church through performance ensembles, various choirs, and a monthly concert series. At New Song, it is our mission to serve God through music and we are always looking for musicians of any talent level and any age to participate in performances including the Annual Christmas Concert, Special Service Music, and ongoing specialty performances year-round!   Everyone is welcome to participate in the music ministry. However, we recognize that not everyone likes to be on stage. The Music Ministry is also in need of volunteers to help with budgeting, large-scale production support (like costume design, set design, and organizational skills), and management of concert talent booking and scheduling. We also have several fundraisers for folks to show us their support.   There’s something for everyone at Music Ministry and I hope to hear from you soon! Drop me a message on the form below and thank you again! – Joshua