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God is good! All the time! We are waiting for our first of three flights to get to Tel Aviv. We head to Los Angeles, then Frankfurt and finally Israel. I asked a few pilgrims what they were hopeful about the trip.

Here are some responses:

Gail Berkesch. I hope to touch the dirt Jesus walked on.

Polly Hahn I’m hoping to feel enriched and strengthened by the fact that I am where Jesus was 2000 years ago.

Florida Armatrong. I want to visit the Dead Sea, and of course, I’m so thankful that I will be baptized in the River Jordan, where many important stories in the Bible took place.

Pastor Paul. It’s been almost twenty years since I visited these places. I’m curious about how I’ve changed since then and how my questions will be different as we journey through the Holy Land. I’m also grateful for the opportunity for our church members to grow in spiritual friendships on the trip.

Next post:. Tel Aviv!

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