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Dispatches from the Home Front – May 6, 2020




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May 6 2020







Dispatches from the Home Front




  A number of you have written notes to the church, letting us know what you’ve been up to, thought’s you’ve had, images of hope.  Let’s launch a weekly update of our lives and activities called, “Dispatches from the Home Front.”  Have you chosen a project in “Pastor Paul’s Project Project?”  Let us know!  Did you take a beautiful photo of nature?  Share it!  Do you have good news to share, post it!  Send a note to and we will compile all your notes into “Dispatches from the Home Front.”  Feel free to post photos to #newsonganthem on Instagram, too!





Parking Lot Gets Fresh Coat of Paint 
Thanks to Steve and Jann Evans, our New Song parking lot got re-striped and is ready and waiting to welcome back all of your cars when we can return to church!  We are grateful to Jann and Steve for completing this project for us as it was getting hard to see the parking divider lines!  





I wanted to add what I’ve been up to other than homeschooling my 2 girls. I sing with a group called Opera On Tap where we perform arias at bars. I decided to work on some new songs to see what’s the highest note I could sing. Last month I performed “The Doll Song” which goes to a high E flat. It was a virtual show about the worst character to be quarantined with and I also had a little helper to wind me up. You can watch the video below.

We will be doing another virtual show on May 17th at 4:30pm called “Sunday Funday”. I’ll be singing a fun song I started working on during this pandemic. I invite you all to check us out for a fun afternoon while at home. CLICK HERE for the link to watch the show.

Cynthia Schutz




Cynthia Schutz performing “The Doll Song” 


Hi New Song,

One of my projects during this quarantine season is a “Gratitude Project,” to be more grateful for my many blessings every day.

* I am grateful for New Song and the many ways it has helped me feel less isolated.

* The time away from gathering at church and with friends has given me greater focus on my Bible study.

*  After many years of feeling I wasn’t strong enough, I finally have been taking walks.

During my walk recently, I took this photo of the sun breaking through the clouds above my house. It felt like God was showing me, “I am (I AM!) still here and I am still sovereign.”

Blessings to you,

Heidi Clingen



Zentangle Method by Joyce Block – Video 2

The link you see is for the second of the Zentangle Classes. If you have not seen the first video which came out last week, it might be a good idea to view it before you try this one by CLICKING HERE. I will be sending one a week until we move back into the church. I may send a few after that as well.

With some help from an adult these drawings could be done by young children (probably second or third grade and above).

Materials needed for every video will be as follows: a 3 1/2 square piece of card stock, a black pen, a pencil, a tortillon or a Q tip and a piece of printer paper or scratch paper of any sort.

If any are interested in obtaining the official Zentangle supplies let me know via email (  I can secure them and mail them to New Song. I will be sending for an order on May 15. If you would like to order supplies yourself, the website is

Blessings to all,

Joyce Block





New Song Christian Academy Car Week:
McDonald’s Drive-Thru 

New Song Christian Academy has been continuing our students’ at-home learning in many creative ways!  Last week our students and families designed and made cars as part of their transportation unit.  They all did a great job and had a lot of fun!  





Here are our beautiful roses!      Darold and Karen Kennedy





Broken appliances and the “joy” of automated phone systems… by Barbara Sharp




DID YOU KNOW you can warm up food on the stove?  Stove–that’s the thing in your kitchen with round areas and knobs that turn on a flame.  Safety hint–watch your sleeves.  I once set my sweatshirt on fire!  I discovered the warm up feature after my microwave suddenly shot out a bright flare when I was trying to warm some taco shells.  I immediately turned it off and started to look for my GE instruction booklet for a number to call for repair.  This was just before the weekend of course.  More on this later.Back to the warm up discovery.  We got some take-out  Chinese food and ate half for lunch while it was still hot.  Then for dinner we wanted to reheat the leftovers.  Oh no!  No microwave!  Wait–we have this stove thing that might do the trick.  We need a pan, a spatula or spoon–oh and let’s not burn the food!  Happily it all worked out.

Now for the service call!  The automated voice did not recognize the word “microwave” . You may say “my dishwasher is leaking” it suggested.  Then I was asked a number of questions regarding the coronavirus!  Have I been tested? Is anyone in my family affected?  Has the health department contacted me? Etc.  I answered no to everything.  Then I was transferred to a live person who recognized the word “microwave”.  I could schedule an appointment but I had to answer those health questions again.  As I write this , the repair man will be here in a couple of days but I have to stay 6 feet away from him.  Where’s my mask?  Contributed by Barbara Sharp, who has too much time on her hands!





A couple of recent sunsets over Evening Sky Drive
Submitted by Harlan Sager




Hi, Friends!  It’s Pastor Paul!

I’d like to invite you to participate in Pastor Paul’s Project Project!  What is Pastor Paul’s Project Project, you ask?

I’ll tell you!  Since the statewide order to stay-at-home was issued, I’ve been thinking what a great time to complete a project!  What if each of us chose a project of any kind and worked on it this month?  And, we can share our project with one another and help keep ourselves on task!  When we finally get to return to church, we can share the results of our projects!  Are you in?  Here’s how it’ll work:


  1. Choose a project.  Examples:
    1. Fix something at home.
    2. Reorganize your home.
    3. Read a book, or Read a book of the Bible.
    4. Write a book (that’s my project).
    5. Clean the backyard.
    6. Send notes of thanks to health care workers
    7. Make masks for people in the community.
    8. Whatever your heart is suggesting.
  2. Post your project by:
    1. Email Jackie to publish in the half note.
    2. Post a photo on Instagram and #newsonganthem
    3. Post on facebook.
    4. Email
    5. Tell a friend!
  3. Share progress reports if you’d like.
  4. As you complete your project, take a picture and we can celebrate the project together!

Let’s have fun and see what kind of projects we can come up with!

I’ve been trying to write a book for a couple years, and my goal is to complete 1-2 chapters by the end of April.

Projects that reflect Jesus’ command to love God and love your neighbor as yourself are extra special good projects!

If you have a question, or want to brainstorm, feel free to call me at the office, 702-492-1771

God is good!  All the time!



















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