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Our first stop was to Caesarea along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s a Roman city built by a vision by Herod the Great before the time of Jesus. A marine fortress was established along with a great palace right on the sea. Through the centuries Caesarea has been attacked and changed hands to different invaders. Neither the palace nor sea wall withstood the test of time. Caesarea was the location of a different vision in Acts 10… Cornelius, an Italian, was a believer. He sent for Peter who was down the coast in the town of Joppa. At around the same time Peter saw visions of unclean animals. Soon he would be summoned up the via maris, the way of the sea, armed only with the Gospel story. There the Holy Spirit was present among the people and he would baptize Cornelius and his group, the first Gentile Christians. Who knew at the time how profound a moment that was when the Church discovered the way of Jesus extends to all people!

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