Welcome to the New Song Animal Ministry Page! Our Mission is to encourage the policy of “adopt don’t shop”, connect people with volunteer positions at shelters, collect donations, organize and publicize animal-related events, and coordinate emergency responses. We welcome men and women interested in supporting our “adopt don’t shop” policy for our animal companions. We meet on an as-needed basis.  

Our events:

Blessing of the animals and honoring the relationship between humans and animals is celebrated each fall, by the crosses at New Song Church. We rejoice in the affection we have for our furry, feathered, and/or finned friends. Animal Ministry Drive takes place in the fall. We ask for donations of animal food and other needed items for our local shelter and other trusted animal rescues in the area. Teaching bite prevention in the fall to the students of New Song Christian Academy. To reach us, please email us info@newsonganthem.org